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Three minutes later I received a call from an elderly grandmother who tearfully asked that she had no money to call the children that she was lost, and this number
she accidentally dialed that I should help her and transfer money to her phone number so she could call her children and they took her away
I asked my grandmother that it was a new kind of telephone deception to lure money from people, she immediately hung up
in 6 minutes again call from an unknown number and offer legal services I told them that thanks I already have many such contacts in the phone
did not pass and 12 minutes as again call from my bank and asked to indicate the card number and give them the password pin code
how I was very tired of these phone scammers who brazenly call strangers without any reason for doing anything and they demand something
or trying to cheat on the phone, I'm of course an intiligent person and I can not be rude to those poor phone the terrorists, but I can only
advise our government to c

tom kruz



This is not the subscriber that you need and please do not do telephone theories
a criminal offense and put down the phone after which I had a respite somewhere about 7 minutes
drank tea for lunch with a bun and then they call me from an unfamiliar number, I pick up the phone and I politely
they say that today the random program identified a lucky phone number and that you are the winner you won a food processor and a bag of flour but to take everything away I must send you a letter in which I have to put 2 stamps and an envelope to your address I listened calmly to them and replied that pose yesterday, I already won a car and an apartment on the same circuit as you have telephone fraudsters with a sadness in their voice hung up and I went to dinner my wife made me a delicious dinner but as soon as I sat down at the table I received incoming calls nok with an unknown number there a man ask me politely young man you use what washing powder, I answered my wife uses it, and I only cry




But you called back to me in 10 minutes again from the ip-phone, I learned that it belongs to Skype and began to offer that I bought an iron and ironing for you inexpensively, I refused and put down the phone but you called me again but I went to bed and turned off my phone because I have today got these phone hooligans who called me and sent sms from an unfamiliar phone number.
In the morning I switched on my phone and found out that I had already been called by 12 people. I thought it was a good number and this new day for me
will be successful that today I will only receive SMS messages with threats from unknown and hidden numbers but I was very wrong
I again began to call phone scammers and tries to deceive me, at 10-15 the lady called and said that she was very
lonely and began to offer her good services on the phone I refused her saying that I am a wife and that there are two children pinocchio
5 years, and the terminator is 9 years old and this lady realized that I'm not her pot




I can not understand who is calling from this phone number and sends me sms of incomprehensible content, is that a new kind of telephone rogue?
then the number of my credit card is questioned and then they are required to give them also a CCV code, then personal passport data
give them, then imname or surname they call - I do not understand who calls me from this hidden number and constantly threatens me.
Sometimes they call me and try to sell something - they say, buy from us, please, this product, I tell them of course that I do not need this product and the phone box, but they call me again from another phone number and there is another operator and offer to take out a loan for small interest I tell them that I am happy to take a loan but except for the phone number I can not offer anything as a deposit to them and I can not offer a call box, after five minutes they call me again and say one hundred are ready to open a credit line for me (unlimited), I ask you what telephone fraudst




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