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CrystalWindows telepest 01708772410. Got a quote for windows, overpriced and worse quality than local supplier who offered German A-rated windows for less than half the price. Crystal Window hinges appear poor, does not offer any easy clean hinges. Crystal salesman tried to pressure to sign deal. Thank you but no way! We do compare both quality and price. Now we receive calls from Crystal Windows even if we opted out from marketing calls. 40% off voucher a complete joke. And did you know,according to their salesguy it does not matter do you order 5 or 1 window, the installation will cost the same for the team installation team to come. 1 crystal window installed about £ 1000, similar window online (no installation) around £ 100 / each.
Still 7 windows installed quoted at £ 7600 with the 40% discount the voucher entitled to and an additional 10% discount providing that we sign up immediately. Funny guys. If you don't sign up they will email you that they have an even better offer! Reall — will help to establish who is calling you from an unknown phone number!
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